There are a lot of questions out there about God, Christianity and Truth. I don’t pretend to have all the answers; in fact, you don’t have to read my blog long to know I am learning new things all the time and still looking for answers myself. I thought  I would provide some simple answers to some of the questions that are out there. If you are struggling with one of these questions, I would encourage you do use this as nothing more than a starting place to finding answers. Seek out Chrisitian friends or a strong Bible believing and preaching church in your area to take a deeper look.

Why do Christians always seem to judge?

You could word this question many ways. The heart of it is that many non-Christians feel that Christians have a “holier than thou” attitude and like to look down on those who don’t meet their high standards. I believe that this generalization is based on two things: First, that many Christians don’t separate sin (an action) from the person. The second is that Satan is in the business of hurting people; so, by tempting Christians to judge, he both causes a sin and puts up a roadblock to a non-Christian seeking to know God. The Bible is clear in Matthew 7:1-2 – it is not for us to judge each other.

Why are Christians against social equality?

The short answer: We’re not. Christians are often against things which our culture (and I am talking Western/North American culture) says should be allowed. Things like abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage have been in the news in recent days. I believe that these issues, and others like them, are a sign of humans ignoring God’s commands. The Bible accounts many times were “everyone did as they saw fit.” The book of Judges is filled with these references. This attitude led to many problems.

The Bible is outdated, why do people still believe/follow it?

Have you read it? Sure, some things get lost in translation to modern culture, but the Bible is full of Truth that spans generation and culture. If you are new to the Bible, I suggest reading the New Testament first. The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), full of Jesus’ teachings, hold timeless truths. After those books are the writings of the founding fathers of the Christian Church. They are full of practical teachings on many subjects that have been applicable since they were written. Sure, there are a few things here and there that are specific to the writings at the time (do you think these authors would have believed their writings would be around 2000 years later?), but for the most part, they are very applicable and nothing in them would be incorrect today. Even the Old Testament is applicable today. Take the book of Judges; sure it seems like ancient history, but it contains a warning that we would be best to head today (see above question!)


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