All That You Need

During my last year of college, there were two “quote boards” that I was frequently around. The first was a small whiteboard in the newspaper office. The other staff members and I were generally in there for long hours late into the evening putting the weekly publication together. We were a pretty close group, and it was common for one of us to say something funny – whether deliberate or not. The second was a large (3’ x 5’) blue piece of paper that was hung on my dorm room wall during my senior year. My roommate, Aaron, and I were close friends and each other’s comic relief. So we would “honour” each other’s “great” quotes by inscriping them on the sheet.

I have long forgotten most of the quotes, but there are a few that will stick with me for a long time. One of those is Aaron’s response to me asking if he had an item I needed. His response? “I have all the supplies that you need.” It is very possible that my mood, time of night and the delivery of the line were contributing factors to me recording it for posterity, but for whatever reason, I think that was the one I repeated the most.

Jesus expressed the same sentiment in Matthew 6, He just used a few more words (verse 25-34). To paraphrase – Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. Everything you need; I’ve got you covered. We, rightly, are reminded through this passage not to worry, but I think we often forget that the reason that we don’t need to worry, besides the fact worrying seldom solves anything, is that God is on our side and looking out for us.

We tend to be a self-reliant culture. We rely on our own abilities to make ends meet and act as if asking for help, even from God, is somehow a sign of weakness. We would rather suffer alone than seek the help we need. Sure, being able to solve your own problems is a needed skill, but when we reach our limit we need to remember we can reach out to God.

I have seen time and time again in my life how God has provided just what I need exactly when I needed it. At times, it has been financial, and God has provided for me in ways that go beyond my comprehension. Other times, He has sent a friend who said just the right thing that I needed to hear. Still, other occasions, the Holy Spirit has spoken and prompted me in just the right way. Whatever the case, I have learned to trust God in all circumstances because I know He loves me, and I am never out of His sight.

It is good to have friends, neighbours and roommates who can come to your rescue when you need something. It is even better to rest assured in the fact that God is looking out for you, and He cares and loves you more than you could ever comprehend.


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