Keep it Simple

I often browse over headlines, sometimes clicking on news articles that catch my attention. I start with with sports and move my way into news. Today as I was scrolling through, a headline caught my eye. It wasn’t one of the main articles; it wasn’t accompanied by a photo. It was a simple line that I almost missed: “Billy Graham dies at 99”.

I will assume that if you are reading this, you know who Billy Graham is… if not, stop reading this and go read something he wrote! Actually, even if you do know who he is, go read him (but maybe wait until after you finish here).

Graham’s international ministry reached millions, and is estimated to have lead to 3 million people putting their faith in Jesus. He wrote over 30 books, prayed with 13 Presidents and preached the Gospel around the world. Though there are numerous reasons that Graham was as successful and well regarded as he was, I think one of the top reasons was that he kept it simple.

The Word of God is both amazingly simple and incredibly complex. It can be fully understood in minutes by children and studied for decades with no conclusion by Phds. But the core message is for everyone and can be understood by all. We don’t need to delve into the minute details and the historical significance of every verse to understand it. Simply put, God loves us and he wants us to love Him.

Everything else flows out of that simple truth. God, since before you were even born, has loved you more than you can even imagine, and, though sin has separated you from God, all you need to do is simply admit that you need His forgiveness and love Him. You don’t have to earn that love. You don’t have to accomplish anything to gain it. There is no gold medal, silver trophy, bronze statue or a list of check marks you need to obtain. It isn’t about what you do; it is about what Christ does in you.

You are never too bad to be beyond His saving grace or too good not to need it. You can never do anything so heinous as to disqualify yourself or so great that it isn’t necessary. He does not compare you to anyone else; your path is unique to you, and all He wants is to walk along it with you.

If you are reading this and you do not know Jesus as your personal saviour, I have one question for you: what is holding you back?

If you do know Jesus, then I encourage you to share God’s message. We all can’t be Billy Graham, but we can all share the simple truth.


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One response to “Keep it Simple

  1. Doug

    Billy Graham surely smiled at the completion of this article.
    God help us to retain this “simple” truth, and I guess we will with the regular sharing of it.
    Thank you Jason.

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