Youthful Observation

Back in my grade school science class, we had a lesson on observation. We were given a series of boxes and instructed to write down what we thought was inside each box. We could lift, shake or smell the box, but we couldn’t open it to see what was inside. In other words, we could use all our senses except for sight (and taste, but using that to determine an unknown specimen is usually not a good idea).  The boxes contained different things, like sand or nails, and one box gave no indication that anything was inside. Since the instructions were that every box contained something, I wrote down air. The next class we passed the boxes around again, but this time we were to open the box before we wrote down the answer. When I got the box of air, I wrote “nothing”. When I got my sheet back, that answer had been marked incorrect. I had been right the first time.

I was reminded of this lesson by my four-year-old son this week. My daughter was admitted to the hospital overnight and being only 15 months-old, my wife was staying with her. To give me the flexibility to come and go as I was needed, and to make what could be a stressful situation into a fun event for my son, he was spending the night at grandma’s house. As I was gathering up all he needed for the night (including the tent for a family room camp out) and getting some essentials together to take to the hospital, this conversation ensued:

“I am going to miss you tonight.”
“Because you will be at grandmas, and I will be here all alone.”
“You won’t be here all alone.”
“Who will be here with me?”
“God will be.”

He was right, and I told him so with a big hug. Just because I couldn’t see anyone, didn’t mean I was all alone. Sometimes, that emptiness is there only because we rely too much on our physical senses. God is always there with you, even if you don’t believe it or want Him around. He will never leave you. We don’t have to feel alone.

Sure, that night I would have loved to have all members of my family under the same roof, but I didn’t need to feel alone. This instance, I had been wrong the first time.


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November 13, 2013 · 11:00 pm

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