Proof of God

For a majority of the movie Field of Dreams, very few people can see the ballplayers playing on the ball diamond nestled in the middle of 8-foot high corn. During one of the critical scenes in the movie, one of the ballplayers makes the choice to walk off the field and into the bleachers. As he does, the skeptics sitting there have their eyes opened not only to the transformed player but also the whole ball game that is taking place right in front of them. This scene can be used as a metaphor for the experience of knowing there is a God.

So many people rely on their 5 senses and can’t believe anything that cannot be observed with them. Trying to convince them that you have proof of God is nearly impossible because that proof isn’t definable by sight, smell, taste, touch or hearing. It is real, but first you have to believe before you can know the proof. You have to believe before you can “see” the evidence. If you remain a skeptic, never letting go of your own logic, you will never know God. If you surrender to God, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and honestly accept His gift, you will have no doubt that you know God. It isn’t that God doesn’t want to reveal Himself; it is that He reveals Himself in ways that require faith.

Why does God make faith a requirement to know Him? That is a question I may never comprehend the answer to. I can tell you that there is lots of evidence if you want to see it; and often times, much like in the movie, the evidence can stare you right in the face. One example is the ingrained desire to call out to a higher being when trials hit. Even confirmed atheists have been known to cry out to God when the situation is so dire they have no other option. Another example is the miracles that happen around us every day. If you have never noticed one, chances are you are too skeptical to admit that what you witnessed could only be explained as The Almighty reaching out.

Once you have believed through faith, you are filled with the Holy Spirit. This allows you to have an intimate relationship with God and know Him in a very real way. He speaks to you, directly to your heart. Sure, to the skeptic, it can be passed off as your mind just working, but I can tell you that is simply not true. I have experienced too many times the power of His voice in my life; through my own thoughts and through God using others to speak to me. I say too many in the sense it would take more faith to believe in the unimaginable odds that those times are all only coincidence.

God is, most likely, not going to walk out of a corn field and provide you with an extra proof of His existence. He will, however, continue to try and get your attention so that you won’t need your 5 senses to have proof that He loves you. I would even suggest that if you seek Him, He will be more than happy to reveal Himself to you; not through your eyes and ears, but through your heart.


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  1. Doug

    Well said Brother.
    It came to me some time ago that if God revealed Himself in an absolutely factual way, then belief in Him would no longer require faith. And if you recall as the Bible says that in the Garden of Eden when God did reveal Himself in an absolutely factual way our remaining in a right relationship with Him required obedience, “Don’t eat that fruit.” But since we did eat the very fruit that He commanded us not to, our relationship was broken and brought upon us the judgement of God. God in His great mercy hid Himself, in plan sight I might add, and established Faith as a means to mend our broken relationship and to be justified.before Him. So, for those who want “proof” of God’s existence, really, in ignorance, are asking God to bring judgement upon the World. However, our good and merciful God has given us reams of evidence, but not quite enough that an element of faith isn’t required, so that all who would believe in Him could be justified.
    Ones analysis of the “evidence” reveals more about the sum of ones heart than of the sum of evidence.

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