Illogical Truth

I was flipping channels the other day, and I stopped on a program featuring stand-up comedians. One of the comedians had a song as part of her act, and one of the punch lines was “Christians like illogical arguments”. Based on a previous joke in her set, I knew she was referring to the Creation vs. Evolution debate. Honestly, I wasn’t offended by the joke, my first reaction was pity for her; she was completely blinded to the truth.

As I was thinking about, it donned on me that there is really no scientifically logical argument for the universe. I mean, I know that God created it, but that isn’t a scientific argument; it can’t be proven by scientific means. From an evolution standpoint, the best number I have seen for the universe just spontaneously coming into being is 1 in 1041, which isn’t exactly a logical outcome. (To give you some perspective, 1 in a billion = 1 in 109)

As I thought further, I did have to admit that Christians do believe in something quiet illogical; in fact, a whole string of illogical things:

  • An all-powerful being desired companionship; so, he created a vast universe
  • His star creation was humankind – whom he created to love him
  • He gave humans free will to choose to love him or not
  • When they chose to rebel against him, he allowed them to fall into hardship
  • When they called out to him again, he used miracles to rescue them
  • The rebel and rescue pattern repeated itself many times – but he was always faithful
  • This higher being decided that it was time for a different approach and became human
  • He showed love and compassion in a radical way – often misunderstood by his creation
  • He was rejected by the very people he came to build a relationship with
  • He chose to suffer a painful and humiliating death
  • He rose back to life
  • He still loves us despite all the rejection and disobedience

This is the story of the Bible. It is very illogical, but it is the true story of God’s love. I should clarify; it is very illogical by human standards. That is saying something, because we humans can do a lot of crazy things in the name of love. God’s love is so strong that He will love us unconditionally, no matter if or how well we return that love.

Of course, His desire is for us to love Him back. He knows we can’t do anywhere near as well as He does. He knows our limitation and our shortcomings, but He loves us just the same any way. It may be illogical, but it is the truth.


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