Great Expectations

Over the last number of months, I have watched in amazement as God has done some great things within one area of my life. It started more along the lines of being caught like a deer in headlights as God did some great things. I don’t know why I doubted that God would take the situations and work them for His good; maybe I didn’t doubt it as such, maybe I just couldn’t figure it out myself. Not sure why I expected that just because I couldn’t see the outcome meant that God couldn’t either.

Expectations are a funny thing; they can simultaneously set you up for serendipity and disappointment. Set your expectation low and you can be blown away by the result; set it too high and even a great result can lead to disappointment. Think about the last time you saw a movie that everyone was raving about. Chances are that you walked away thinking it was a good movie, maybe even great, but there is a sense that it wasn’t as great as everyone made it out to be. Sometimes, setting expectations at all can lead to disappointment because what you expect and the reality can differ so much that you end up disappointed no matter how a situation works out.

When it comes to expectations of God, we can run into the same problem. If you expect God to do something amazing, and have in mind what it will look or feel like, you can be caught off guard by how He is working. If you have small expectations, you can miss out on the great thing He wanted to accomplish because you limited yourself in seeing what He is doing. Often times, we miss out on what God was doing because we expected something different. Maybe it wasn’t better or worse; it was just different.

I have learned over the last few months to expect great things from God and have a completely open mind to what He is doing. I have seen God work things out for His good and take a potentially detrimental situation and bring so much glory and praise to Himself. It hasn’t been just a one-time thing either; He keeps working out things right before my eyes in ways that are wonderful and beyond what I can fathom! I learned my lesson. I learned not to expect a certain way of doing things or a certain outcome. I learned to pray and let God direct His people. I learned that sometimes I am not given the answer, but He gives it to those who need His wisdom to guide His flock through the unknown.

These lessons are counterintuitive to my natural tendencies, but I am learning and trying to be patient and obedient. You know what, God continues to amaze me; I’m just not so much the deer in the headlights any more. I have learned to expect great things from God, and not let my expectation limit Him. He has a bigger imagination than I do.


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