The Witness of Creation

Do you ever praise God for the majesty of His creation? I have been lately. It started with just admiring the beauty of a clear, blue, summer sky. I was struck by just how awe inspiring something that looks so simple, yet is so complex, can be. Later in the week, I found myself in total amazement about a farmer’s field. We start with little dry seeds that seek out nourishment underground, then sprout and gather energy from the sun and grow to provide us with fruit and oxygen. Again, it is something that looks so simple but in reality is so complex.

God has revealed Himself through the creation of the universe; through its beauty and its function. As an example of beauty, I would point to the sight of the sun rising over the Atlantic. Well, I should say the pictures I have seen of the event. One of my life goals is to actually see it. I thought I would have that chance a number of years ago when my family took a mini-vacation to Daytona Beach. We lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida at the time; so, I had seen the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico a number of times. We were only sleeping over one night on the trip, and we had a room with a view of the ocean. As this was during my university years, I wasn’t one to get out of bed before sunrise; so, I made a conscious effort to get up early to be awake enough to enjoy the experience. I was ready to be wowed by the artistic display that God freely creates every morning. This particular morning the view from the balcony was not of water and a slowly rising sun, but of a grey fog that appeared to be the consistency of pea soup.

As for the function, I get that daily by watching my son discover the world. He is four and very much into nature; he loves animals, bugs and fish. He loves to get his hands on anything, whether real (He owns a bug catching kit and adventure vest.) or through books, TV and the computer. Learning along with him, I am amazed at the little details about individual creatures and ecosystems that we are surrounded by. How can you not see intelligent design in the world we live in? Sure, there is a small, and I mean infinitely small, chance that we could have all ended up here by accident, but that would take a whole lot more faith than believing in the existence of a Superior Being – whether you want to attribute all characteristics of a loving God as Christians do or not.

I’m baffled that very smart people can look at the evidence and be convinced that it was all a cosmic explosion and somehow everything just worked out. Scientific work is based on observation, laws, hypothesis and testing. Given that we are at a disadvantage because no human was present at the creation of the universe, we have to rely on other scientific methods. Too keep this short, I will just refer to one law: Order does not come out of chaos.

If my science loving 4-year-old was to play all day in his playroom and make a total mess of it, leaving nothing in it is original location (this happens a lot), I would not expect that leaving the windows open and allowing the wind to whip around the room would cause the toys to somehow get back into the proper spot. If I want the room back in its original state, I send him down to clean it up. He uses his intelligence to create order in the room again. Why is that concept lost on so many scientists? You never have intelligent design without some form of intelligence behind it (even if the design is unimaginably greater than the Intelligence behind it – i.e. monkeys writing the next great novel). Order and structure are signs of a Creator, not proof of the absence of a need for one.


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  1. Doug

    It is interesting that you could not convince a child that order can come from dis-order (ie. that a messy room would clean itself), yet too many “scientists” perpetuate all kinds of confounding proofs of it to passive or itching ears. Watch Ray Comfort’s Evolution vs. God; it’s on You Tube.

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