Fruits in Heaven

A couple years ago, I started thinking about Heaven more often. You could say I became fascinated with the idea of it. I try to imagine it, but really it is impossible. All I really know is that I won’t be disappointed.

With my curiosity, I picked up a book on the subject, Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It is the longest book I have ever read, and I couldn’t put it down. I was so mesmerized by the ideas. The Bible actually has a lot to say about it, not in specific detail; more of a conceptualized foreshadowing. Alcorn does admit throughout the book that his beliefs are inferred, but they are all based in scripture. He doesn’t shy away from the opposition: he just sticks to the Bible. The key take away for me was that the New Earth would be a lot like this current one, but without The Curse.

One of my favourite things to look forward to is the food! I do the grocery shopping for our home, and outside of the produce aisle, I don’t spend a lot of time examining the package, I just grab what I am looking for. In the produce aisle, however, I inspect and try to find the best of the bunch. Now, honestly, there are few items I know how to tell the difference between whether they are ripe and past due in the store, but once you get it home and take a bite, the difference is obvious.

Again, I don’t have any special insight into what Heaven is like, but if I am not going to be disappointed, then I know the food will be mouth-watering. In this fallen world, there are so many sweet and delicious foods. Imagine the sweetest pineapple you have ever tasted, or the crunchiest carrots you have ever chomped on – how much better will those foods taste in a perfect world?

Will food always be vine ripe? I mean, does it just grow on its own? In Genesis, it is recorded that Adam and Eve had to take care of the land. One of the punishments for that original sin was that man would have to sweat to eat. That leads to the assumption that before sin, food was readily available. So in Heaven, I would assume that means our food supply is provided without much effort on our part. Does that mean we don’t have to do anything? I don’t know. What I do believe is that we will be able to pick and eat, and it will be delicious.

So why does this matter? It means the best is yet to come. The gift of eternal life will be so wonderful that even the best we know today will pale in comparison. The struggles of this life will be more than made up for in the next for those who put their trust in God, through His son, Christ Jesus. We have work to do in this life, but the reward for the good and faithful servants will be well worth it.


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